About Us

Seal Rock Water District Staff

Water is the one thing that all people, plants and animals need. It is also the main thing that binds District employees with the members of the public we serve. District employees have a great variety of duties that, when combined, focus on the goal of helping to conserve and preserve Oregon's water resources for today and future generations.

Office Staff
  • Adam Denlinger - General Manager

  • Joy King - Office Manager

  • Trish Karlsen - Bookkeeper

  • Brendi Hargrove - UB/AR Clerk

Field Staff
  • Brad WynnBrad Wynn

  • David AndersonDavid Anderson

  • Chris SutherlandChris Sutherland

  • Rory ThayerRory Thayer

  • Rick MyersRichard Myers

Committees & Board Members
Budget Committee
Board Members
    • Deanna Gravelle

    • Garry Helms

    • Barry Compton

    • Barbara Flewellyn

    • James Senn

    • President : John Garcia

    • Secretary : Saundra Mies-Grantham

    • Treasurer : Glen Morris

    • Member : Karen Otta

    • Member : Rob Mills